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The Chilo tournament on Saturday 100816 was a great day. Congratulations to our winners Keynon Young and Rob Dean came in first with 9.45lbs and Rob Dean had big Bass with 3.55lbs. Check out the pictures here.

There was a meeting of all that were going to qualify for the classic this year.  Since there is so little money in the fund for the classic it didn't seem financially sound to go to Nolin to fish.  The members decided to stay closer for the weekend.  SATURDAY the 29th we will fish on Rocky Fork and use the North Shore ramp. Safe light for 8 hours.  SUNDAY the 30th will be on the river out of Tanners Creek, same time.  If the river is up to much to fish the back up lake will be East Fork, Boarshead ramp.  We will be paying a $50.00 entry fee on Saturday to fish both days.  There will be a big bass pot each day, $5.00 per person.
Remember, to fish Tanners Creek or any water below the 275 bridge you need an out of state license.  Once you are above the bridge you can fish on an Ohio license.
I hope I have not left anyone out, sorry if I have.
For those that want to come down and fish, you will not qualify to fish the classic but you are able to get into the big bass pot each day.  If you don't qualify for the Classic and still want to come out, let me know.  It may be possible to get a side pot for anyone that wants to participate.

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About the Club

Back in the early days of tournament fishing, there was a rapidly growing interest in the sport. Information was limited on how, where and when to catch Bass.  One of the best ways to learn was by belonging to a Bass club.  By knowing this, some avid fisherman in our area planned and organized a Bass club.  That club became known as Southern Ohio Bassmasters.  The object of creating the club was for members to enjoy the sport by learning from other fisherman while at the same time competing and enjoying the benefits of being in a Bass club.  Many club members, both previous and presently active, have benefited over the years by having been a part of S.O.B.  The same concepts still apply now as they did in the beginning.  The doors to the future are always open to new members and as always old members are always welcome back.   Take a look at our By-Laws here.                                 
Tournament Format:
Buddy System / Same Partner  ---  Set Dates / Team Points
$30 Annual Club Fees                  
$10 Big Bass of the year (Optional)
$50 Entry Fee Per Boat/ 5 fish limit per boat     
$5 BIG Bass Per Tournament  (Optional)

(fees per person)
For More Information...
Email: Ron Morton

Blanchester Save-A-Lot                                                  Sabina IGA                                                                   
Lynda's Honey, Blanchester Ohio                                  T.D. Topwater Lures, Lebanon Ohio.
Vengeance Baits, Blanchester Ohio                               Bayview Bait and Tackle, Hillsboro Ohio
Koi Auto Parts, Blanchester, Ohio                                 Ron's Place Family Restaurant, Blanchester, Ohio
Pepsi Distribution Company, Wilmington, Ohio            Frito-Lay, Sabina, Ohio
South Shore Marina, Wilmington, Ohio                        Stereo ADV, Cincinnati, Ohio
Fishing Pole Bait Shop, Clarksville,Ohio                      Fishermen's Headquarters, Dayton Ohio   
Walmart Supercenter, Wilmington, Ohio.                     Kroger, Wilmington, Ohio
Auto Zone, Blanchester, Ohio                                        Advanced Auto Parts, Blanchester, Ohio