Club News

Our tournament at Chilo was challenging but produced a few big ones. Congratulations to our winners..1st place to John McCart with 7.75lbs. 2nd place went to Mike McAdams  and Jason Stone with 6.15lbs and 3rd place went to Dan Roberts with 4.70lbs. Eric Lawson had Big Bass with 4.10lbs. 

Our next tournament will be at Lake Erie on June 27th and 28th. The hotel that we stayed in the last 2 years is listed below. I won't be able to make it this year so I will need someone to take pictures if possible.

Peninsula Motel
6930 East Harbor Rd
Lakeside-Marblehead, oh  43440

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About the Club

Back in the early days of tournament fishing, there was a rapidly growing interest in the sport. Information was limited on how, where and when to catch Bass.  One of the best ways to learn was by belonging to a Bass club.  By knowing this, some avid fisherman in our area planned and organized a Bass club.  That club became known as Southern Ohio Bassmasters.  The object of creating the club was for members to enjoy the sport by learning from other fisherman while at the same time competing and enjoying the benefits of being in a Bass club.  Many club members, both previous and presently active, have benefited over the years by having been a part of S.O.B.  The same concepts still apply now as they did in the beginning.  The doors to the future are always open to new members and as always old members are always welcome back.   Take a look at our By-Laws here.                                 
Tournament Format:
Buddy System / Same Partner  ---  Set Dates / Team Points
$30 Annual Club Fees                  
$10 Big Bass of the year (Optional)
$50 Entry Fee Per Boat/ 5 fish limit per boat     
$5 BIG Bass Per Tournament  (Optional)

(fees per person)
For More Information...
Call: Ron Morton -  (513) 560-0143